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Our volunteer projects

These are our active projects and the various areas in which the association operates in the area.

As you can read, they are not static, on the contrary, new ideas and possible applications are not only welcome but also strongly desired. We always encourage our volunteers to bring new proposals according to their preferences and abilities, so that we can always progress and improve, while making each experience unique.

Be the change you want to see in the world.



Women Empowerment.

Those who choose to volunteer for the women and girl empowerment would have the chance to work with disadvantaged women and girls towards their upliftment. 


Education/Teaching Assistant

For education and learning project we place volunteers in Nursery, primary school.

Volunteers on the Teaching project are placed in our charity school Sandy Bevan Educational Center with 46 children where they work alongside local teachers. 

DSC05768 2.jpg


Agriculture / Farming

This is for those who love spending time in nature and getting their hands dirty, they will do farming/ agriculture, plant some seeds and trees etc. 


Medical, Public & Community Health Program

In this program, volunteers work alongside local counselors and health care professionals, in a variety of remote locations, designed to help Ugandans stay healthy and make informed decisions about their health care.

Kit Medicina
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