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Nabwire Evaline Rhoda.

Hi, I'm Eva, I manage and coordinate the Association with the various projects.
I am at your disposal to answer any questions relating to volunteering, the work of the foundation, the shop and much more, just contact me.


    The organization was started by Nabwire Evaline Rhoda

    Evaline, her siblings and mother were victims of poverty and lack of basic needs like education, healthcare, food, water and shelter. Luckily for her, the mother after when it finally dawned on her that the life of her children and hers were in danger walked out of this situation. The mother, using her education qualifications got a job as a nursing aid and single handedly raised and educated her 5 children, after being abandoned by her husband. Growing up, she saw and noted many people faced extreme poverty and lack of basic needs, majority of the people did not escape this cycle, some even died at the hands of poverty. Others were not lucky to have an asset base; skills, finance or education that they could fall back on to help themselves.


    Hence she grew up with the desire to and vision to empower vulnerable people with emphasis on education, empowerment and improved livelihoods to break the cycle of poverty and other problems in Ugandan communities, her desire to help communities gave birth to Global Network for Uganda Volunteers Foundation (GNUVF)

    Nabwire Evaline Rhoda

    Executive Director

    Global Network for Uganda Volunteers Foundation

    Plot 539 and 160 Namuzzi Zone, Ssisa County, Kajjansi Town Council, Wakiso District, Uganda

    Tel (Mobile) +256752711564

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