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For education and learning project we place volunteers in Nursery, primary school.

Volunteers on the Teaching project are placed in our charity school Sandy Bevan Educational Center with 46 children where they work alongside local teachers. Typical subjects include English, Maths, Sports, arts, Music etc. Students can range in age from 3 to 14 years. As volunteers work with the support of GNUVF’s local team and placement staff, they do not need to be qualified or experienced teachers to participate. But if they are prossional or practising teachers its also great.

Activities for volunteers include but not limited to

1. Art and craft classes with the kids

2. Teaching Computer Literacy 

3. Sports and games ie teaching new games etc

4. Teaching hand in hand with teachers in classrooms.


5. Office work and social media day ie helping in looking for support and partnerships for the school mostly sister school programs.


Looking for penipal friendship for the kids

Also looking for sponsors for the school children. 

Also show casing small documentaries and pictures about our work


Coming up with new ideas etc


Also fundraising for funds to help build classrooms, dormatries and teachers houses for the school, purchase of computers to the school, projectors, childrens playing mayerials schorlastic materials like books, pens, pencils, edicational ipads, teachers salary etc.

And also raise  funds other sustainable initiatives. To list but a few.


Important Point

1. We need to build more classes to be able to help more vulnerable children with free education.


2. We need to build Dormatries for children to live in during school times because most of them come from far distances


3. We need to get sponsors for all the children ie sponsoring achild costs 100 euros per month, this cost caters for education (paying Teachers salaries) , feeding and medical bills.


4. Closing the behind part of the school with wall for safety of the kids.


5. Build rooms for teachers to live so we avoid paying rent for teachers houses.


6. Connect electricity to the school.


7. Get computers for the school


8. Get aprojector for the school which will help teachers teach easily.



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