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Agriculture / farming

This is for those who love spending time in nature and getting their hands dirty, they will do farming/ agriculture, plant some seeds and trees etc. They will help in gardening, ploughing the field with the help of hoes.


This will be a hands-on experience where they will be helping with tasks such as:

• Crop farming

• Planting and Weeding 

• Animal farming

• Fertilizing

• Tree planting

. Harvasting etc

Important Point

1. Purchase land and tranfer the farm, ie the land the farm is in is just being rented, so for sustainability we will need our own land.


2. Purchase cows, goats for the farm.


3. Buy farming equipments


A fundamental part is agriculture and livestock farming in order to be able to both feed the inhabitants of the area and create a small business for several families year after year.

An experience awaits you in contact with nature and animals with a very different perspective from the Western one, where day by day you will be able to see the fruit of your work.
We need you, apply for this project.

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