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Those who choose to volunteer for the women and girl empowerment would have the chance to work with disadvantaged women and girls towards their upliftment. Volunteers are involved in teaching, providing awareness on women’s rights, reproductive health, domestic violence, gender equality. How they can start up income generating activities to support their families and more. Volunteering for women in Uganda is of a great importance as it can bring about a paradigm change in this gender section. Making them aware of global trends, and helping them learn a skill that can help them become an independent individual is the ultimate objective of this volunteer program. Volunteers interested in the cause of upliftment of the women and making a difference in their lives would find this project fulfilling and rewarding.
We have 30 women currently being empowered in this specific area of Ssisa Namuzzi.

Volunteers working for women empowerment will be expected to fulfil the following tasks on a daily basis.

• Assisting in the tailoring project 
• Teaching computer literacy
• Volunteers are free to bring in new ideas that can help empower the women ie initiate their own projects


Help in setting up fundraisers for vulnerable women to start up the following sustainable initiatives.

1. Buying more tailoring machines for the women

2. Starting soap making

3. Starting up hair dressing classes

4. Setting up bakery and cookery classes

5. Starting up small scale bussinesses for the women etc etc to list but afew.


Also sourcing for funds to buy land and build a safe home for victims of domestic violence, rape etc

Help in building 2 women empower classrooms.


Office work and social media day ie helping in looking for support and partnerships for the women empowerment program. 


1. We need to build two rooms for the women project, where we can put our mahines without carring in and out all the time, they get spoiled in the process.


2. We need to start hair dressing training for women, where they will be taught different kinds of hair plaiting, dressing etc for aim of creating jobs for them.


3. We need to start bakery and cookery classes for the women in an aim to help women get the skill to startup their own bussiness.


4. We need to start training women to make bar and liquid soap for their own sustainability.


5. We wish to start up small scale bussinesses for the women to create jobs for them.


6. We wish to give about 10 women startup tailoring machines as startup capital after the tailoring training is fully over.


7. Purchasing asmall land and building asmall house to be used as asafe home for victims of rape, domestic violence etc


8. Looking for more market for the women empowerment craft products


To list but a few


To support the project even from afar, here is our current fundraising, it will always be updated



To support the project even from afar, here is our current fundraising, it will always be updated.


Do you want to help by carrying forward our projects and increasing the program with new ideas?


Discover the various products made by our women and volunteers

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