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I was looking for a volunteer placement and my first preference was Uganda, but then this opportunity in Kampala came up and before I knew it I had contacts with the directors of UVF.

A week later I was on the plane to Uganda in chase for a new adventure. Uganda Volunteers Foundation seem the cheapest ever, and they do work fast and once I said yes to this volunteer proposal it went really fast. They helped and referred me to good accommodation and everything else. My volunteering was a great learning experience and I actually really worked as a teacher and also helped mothers at home with their babies. I would really recommend Uganda Volunteers Foundation as it is really hard to get such a work experience on your own. I’ve also enjoyed Kampala more than I expected at first and I will miss all the new friends I’ve met in Uganda Webale Nyo Eva and UVF at large, the only Organization with free volunteering Uganda.

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