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Inber Erez

I volunteered with Women Empowerment Program, for 3 month.

When I first arrived, I was anxious about being surrounded by so many people. The foreign language, culture, and stares were a bit overwhelming. By my second month, I came to love everything that I feared. The strangers in my home became my family, the foreign culture became my own, and the stares made me smile. And the sights?? Wow, the safari and some of the most breathtaking wonders of the world, Jinja, Bunyonyi, There are so many factors to why this has been one of — if not the best — trips of my life, but I’d just ramble. All I can say is the people are what made this adventure so incredible. The kids, the locals, and the other volunteers all contributed to this life-changing event that I will never forget. Make friends, be bold, keep an open mind, and I guarantee you’ll hate when you have to wave goodbye on your last day. Webale nyo Uganda.

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