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Dolores Reilly

Volunteering abroad has always been one of the many things I wanted to do ever since my last year in college. I came across Uganda Volunteers Foundations program through my friends and after months of communication with the coordinator and doing research about Uganda, and especially the rural areas I was meant to work, my stay in Uganda was short only two weeks, but in those two weeks I was able to learn about Uganda’s culture, make lifelong friends, and, most importantly, learn all about their Education system while getting the hands on experience. I was also able to expand my other skills to the kids and community members and perfect it! Kampala and Entebbe are such amazing cities, so beautiful and the people are super friendly! If you love to travel and are dying to start volunteering, then Uganda Volunteers Foundation is just right for you! I love to travel and have been meaning to start volunteering, so why not do both at the same time? I never regretted my decision to come to Uganda and I do plan to come back and visit one day! It’s a once in a lifetime experience and I honestly recommend those who are looking into Uganda Volunteers Foundation, look no further!

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